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by admin on August 23, 2012

Hugo Rivera knows all too well the emotional roller coaster of being overweight, then too skinny and the mental anguish of trying to find the right balance. He has years of first-hand experiences of the scorn and ridicule that accompany not just obesity, but male anorexia too. Hugo says that he searched in vain for a solution to his dilemma but didn’t find anything that worked until he decided to develop his own strategy. Fifteen years later Hugo is a lean mass of solid muscle and a natural bodybuilding champion.

Hugo shares the strategies he used to gain a whopping 50 pounds of lean muscle mass and go on to become a top fitness and nutritional pro. He shares his secrets for losing fat and gaining muscle through his Body-Re-Engineering (BRE) system. Hugo says that BRE offers a complete step-by-step program that will enable any man to achieve his fat loss and muscle gain goals. Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.

The BRE book contains 140 pages and is broken down into six chapters, with each covering a different aspect of the program. The first chapter provides an overview of the program and discusses the basics to help you establish a solid foundation upon which to build your own BRE program. Here Hugo discussed the importance of having clearly identified goals and also dispels a number of common myths about nutrition, supplementation and weight training in general. I especially like his ‘ten commandments to achieve success.’

From here, Hugo doesn’t waste any time and launches right into the BRE system, providing a thorough overview of the BRE training approach. A quick review of this chapter shows that the BRE weight training strategies are based on solid science. Hugo advocates progressive resistance using free weights with varied exercise routines to help avoid plateaus. It’s refreshing to see a strength training pro avoid the ‘fad’ workouts, which never work as promised and often lead to injuries.

He starts out by providing an overview of the exercises that will be performed and then discusses the various routines. I like his thoughts about the cycling principle, which includes three phases—loading, growth and active rest. Combined, the three phases last for seven weeks before repeating. He also explains how the basic routine can be modified to suit your particular body type (endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph).

The next chapter is entirely focused on the nutritional aspect of the BRE system. Here you learn everything you need to know to provide your body with the fuel it needs to burn fat and pack on solid, lean muscle mass. As he did in the previous chapter, Hugo shows you how to modify the nutritional approach to match your body type. I really like this approach because far too many programs assume that everyone is the same, but as well know, that’s just not true.

Chapter four is dedicated to the supplementation aspect of the BRE system. This chapter is actually rather brief because Hugo understands that supplements have limited value when it comes to burning fat and adding lean muscle. The bottom line is that if your body is not getting the proper nutrition from the foods you eat and you’re not training it hard, you won’t get lean and you certainly won’t get big and strong. Supplements are just that—a supplement, not a substitute for proper diet and hard work.

Rest and recovery are covered in chapter five. His overview of the four phases of the sleep cycle is very useful and he also talks about some of the maladies that can be caused by insufficient rest. The last chapter covers a number of miscellaneous topics. Be sure not to skip this chapter because here Hugo provides some very useful information and a number of handy tips and suggestions to help you improve your results.

The remainder of the book is packed with an abundance of great tools. Some of the stuff you’ll find here include a table of food values (great for meal planning), exercise charts, nutrition logs and plenty more—even a food shopping list. For those times when you’re on the go and options are limited, he also includes an extremely useful guide for eating healthy at fast food restaurants.  Progress charts help you measure your development and keep you on track.  Hugo also includes sample diets—one for each body type.

After a thorough review of Hugo Rivera’s Body Re-Engineering system for losing fat and gaining muscle, I can recommend the program with confidence. Hugo is a true professional who really wants to see people achieve their fat loss and muscle gaining goals. And with his BRE system, I have no doubt that whatever your goals may be, Hugo can put you on the proper path.

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