Bulking and Cutting Cycle

by admin on August 5, 2011

For decades, ‘bulking and cutting’ has been a widely-used strategy for bodybuilders to gain mass. During the bulking phase, you basically pretty much eat everything in sight and focus on lifting very heavy weights. Cardio is either kept to a minimum or not done at all. The extra calories provide your muscles with lots of fuel to get big but during the bulking cycle you inevitably add lots of extra, unwanted body fat.

During the cutting phase, you drastically reduce the number of calories you take in each day and ramp up the cardio so you can burn off all the extra fat you put on during the bulking phase. The problem however, is that the reduced-calorie intake combined with the high volume of cardio causes you to not only burn unwanted body fat, but your hard-earned muscle mass too.

Next, because you’ve lost so much muscle mass during the cutting phase, in order to add back muscle and build strength, you have to move back into bulking, which leads you into a never-ending cycle where you’re never where you want to be. Essentially, bulking and cutting leaves you with two choices—strong and fat or lean and weak. But in either case, you are perpetually stuck in the middle and never where you want to be.

By itself, this should be enough to turn most guys away from diving in to bulking and cutting. But if you’re still not convinced that it’s not the best strategy, let’s look at some of the other reasons that bulking and cutting may not be the best approach for you.

1. Bulking and cutting throws your body’s metabolism out of balance. In the natural environment, systems function optimally when they are in balance. Bulking and cutting push the metabolism towards two extremes at opposite ends of the spectrum and the results are less than spectacular. While it’s a good practice to ‘shock’ the metabolism now and then to push through a plateau, maintaining a continual out-of-balance state should never be a goal.

Basically, it just wreaks havoc on the body. During its various phases bulking and cutting can strain both the liver and the pancreas. It can also cause cholesterol levels to spike to an unhealthy level and it can also cause your blood pressure to rise too. Puffiness (‘puffy moon face’) can also be caused due to fluid retention brought on during the bulking phase.

2. Bulking and cutting is tough psychologically. Guys lift weights because they want to look good and feel great. We love the ego boost we get from a super-ripped body and we love the attention it brings even more. When practicing bulking and cutting, you’re never where you want to be—ergo, you’re never content with what you see in the mirror. During the bulking phase it’s frustrating to look in the mirror and see all that excess fat and when you’re cutting, it’s painful to see all the hard-gained muscle mass fading away.

3. Bulking and cutting makes it easier for you to gain fat and harder for you to shed it. What happens is that bulking up triggers the production of fat cells to store the extra calories you’re taking in each day.

Although they get smaller during the cutting phase, these fat cells never disappear. They will always and forever be hanging around, waiting to seize the opportunity to suck up a caloric surplus and expand again.

Because the body does not have to produce new fat cells it becomes exponentially that much easier for you to put on unwanted body fat, even after a relatively short period of daily caloric surplus. And the more the fat cells get used, the more time they take to shrink down. All this combines to make you feel guiltier than you should on the days when you don’t stick to your diet 100%.

Because of these drawbacks—as well as others—I see that more and more weightlifters are looking for healthier and more practical alternatives to bulking and cutting. Happily, there are several great options from which to choose.

Whether you are skinny and want to get bigger and stronger or just want to shed excess body fat without losing muscle mass, today there are effective alternatives to bulking and cutting. Thanks to gains in our collective knowledge about the body’s metabolic systems and the physiology of muscle building, we know today that it is indeed entirely possible to gain lean muscle mass or shed unwanted fat without the bulking and cutting seesaw ride.

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Britt April 6, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Everyone’s body is different. If you are skinny you need to eat and bulk up. Simply lifting weights will do nothing but burn your calories and send your body into a catabolic state meaning your body eats itself for energy. Don’t waste your time watching this video.


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