Can You Get Strong With Body Weight Training?

by admin on November 22, 2011

Guest Post by Mike Gillette author of the Savage Strength Training System

What About Body Weight Training? It’s The Latest Craze…

Sorry to burst your bubble but these hyped up bodyweight exercises are just “calisthetics” and will do very little to build any real strength… or at least not the way most people teach them.

Don’t get tricked into thinking “work capacity” or muscular endurance is strength. It’s not.

For example doing 500 pushups in a row doesn’t mean you are strong (it means you have good work capacity)… doing a 500lbs bench press on the other hand is real usable strength.  (Being able to do 500 pushups in a row will help you push a wheelbarrow all day long.  Doing a 500lb bench press will help you push a mack truck from a dead stop!)

Traditional bodyweight exercises provide no effective strategies for varying the resistance. If you don’t place more demand on your muscles, how are they ever going to get stronger?

The fact is they won’t get any stronger.

It violates exercise physiology 101 and a basic tenant of progressive strength training… the body adapts to the stresses placed upon it.

And more repetitions aren’t the answer if you want to improve strength. Low intensity work (like normal bodyweight routines) combined with high volume (more repetitions) only improves muscular endurance. It does nothing for the strength of the muscles.

Are you just going to continue adding repetitions until you’re doing pushups for half the day?

It may sound ridiculous when taken to that extreme but without the ability to increase resistance and therefore intensity, that is the road that normal bodyweight routines are headed down.

Strength is the ability to move heavy things, lift heavy things or even bend heavy things. That is true strength.

Very few people realize this but you can transform these endless repetitions of low intensity exercises into exercises that deliver the same demands as lifting heavy weights and sends your strength sky rocketing through the roof… you just have to know how to tweak them.

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