Old School Exercise For a Chiseled Chest

by admin on April 18, 2012

Guest post by Scott Tousignant of Metabolic Masterpiece

If your goal is to sculpt a classic looking physique your best bet is to take a page out of the old school physique artist, Vince Gironda’s book. Vince was the master of cosmetic bodybuilding and helped his clients create the illusion of more muscle with the perfect proportions.

My favorite exercise that I learned from Vince Gironda’s teachings is the Gironda Dip. But like many of his techniques, he would modify them for some of his clients. In the video below, I demonstrate two variations of the Gironda Dip. The first one comes from the variation that is illustrated in the book Vince Gironda Legend and Myth. The second variation is one that I’ve seen taught by the great Larry Scott and is also found on the Iron Guru website.

In addition to the two variations of Gironda Dips, I also share an exercise that Vince recommended for people who could not perform a Gironda Dip. This exercise makes for an incredible finisher at the end of a chest workout…

Gironda Dips are intended to target the lower pec line, so the only alternative that you could do would involve the decline bench. The exercise of choice for Vince was Decline Cable Fly’s (as demonstrated in the video above).

As you’ll notice in the video, unlike traditional cable fly’s where you finish the movement above your chest, the way that Vince Gironda prescribed it was to finish the movement at your groin area.

It only takes completing one rep of this movement to know that you are hitting the lower pec area. You’ll achieve a nice stretch in the bottom portion of the movement and when you squeeze the contraction at the top you will feel your lower pecs fully engage.

If you are looking to enhance your lower pec line you could even combine both the Gironda Dips and the Decline Cable Fly’s into a single chest workout. I have been known to incorporate both of these movements into my Metabolic Masterpiece chest workouts. When you combine them together they pack a powerful 1-2 PUNCH!

Once you give these exercises a try I guarantee that they’ll end up as a staple in your chest training.

About The Author

Scott Tousignant, BHK, is a Certified Fitness Consultant with a passion for transforming fitness enthusiasts goal driven, dedicated, and voracious physique artists who take pride in their body, fitness, health, and lifestyle. Embraced by physique artists around the world, his Metabolic Masterpiece Body Sculpting Programs will guide you through the process of sculpting your body into a work of art, by applying what Scott has coined, “The A.T.T.R.A.C.T. Formula.

With his synergistic, boredom busting body sculpting workouts you will melt stubborn fat and gain muscle while skyrocketing your metabolism!

The art of molding and chiseling an aesthetically pleasing physique with ideal proportions and spectacular symmetry is one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. It’s an opportunity for self growth and self discovery that will impact every area of your life.

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arthur April 19, 2012 at 6:03 pm

Thanks dan I’ll try these dips in the gym. arthur.


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