Ignite New Gains With Density Training

by admin on June 27, 2012

Guest post by Ben Pakulski & Vince Delmonte

What is density training?

Now on to the least utilized growth igniter in the family! Density is the factor that most people can very easily understand, but yet neglect to utilize to their advantage. Maybe it’s just the nature of human beings to be lazy and not bother to pay attention to this type of small detail. Manipulating a workout’s “density” is a very good way to immediately spark some new growth, see measurable progress, improve your work capacity, reduce stress on joints and even burn fat.

Hear us out:

The term “density” has taken on many different meanings in the area of fitness and muscle building. With regard to workouts, density refers to the AMOUNT of work done in a given time frame.

Doing 12 sets for chest in 30 minutes is said to be a MORE dense workout than doing 12 sets for chest in 45 minutes. Doing 16 sets in 40 minutes is denser than doing 12 sets in 40 minutes. Density is the amount of work you do in a given time frame. Do more work in that time frame, and the workout is denser. Pretty simple, right?

We know it’s simple but yet it seems no one uses it to their advantage. It may be one of those variables that is just so simple it slides under the radar, but we suspect it’s a method many people avoid because it’s hard. To do more in less time is like sprinting around the track faster — it’s going to hurt! Let’s admit it — many of us avoid the truly hard workouts because we don’t like getting out of our comfort zone.

The greatest benefit of increasing density of a workout is the immediate adaptation of the cardiovascular system. Try doing the same workout that you did last week, and do it in 20 minutes less time. It’s going to kick your ass (and you might end up passing out)!

You’ll find that the first few times you do it, you’ll end up dropping the weights you use by a lot. Don’t worry, your body will adapt quickly. Density training is training your muscular endurance, and making your body more efficient at converting energy into fuel (a bell should be going off in your brain right now)! A more efficient body means stronger, leaner, more muscle!

Ultimately, we want our bodies efficiently using every nutrient we put in so that our muscles constantly have the fuel they need to contract and grow big and strong.

Inefficient muscle means bad pumps, and plenty of fat storage. Some people have a really hard time increasing the density in their workouts because A) it’s hard. B) you use less weight.

But let us be the first to remind you, your muscles have no idea how much weight you’re using. Your brain can not know the numbers on the dumbbells. By using less time between sets, you are preventing your muscles from having ample time to recover and therefore forcing them to recruit new and MORE motor neurons and muscle fibers – muscle fibers that have been dormant and “asleep” because you’ve never given them a good reason to wake up! Recruiting more “dormant” muscle fibers means EXPLODING new growth off your (perceived) slow-to-grow body parts!

Try This Chest Workout To Build Muscle:

This is the exact workout I (Ben here) followed last week, and this week I decided to try it using HALF the amount of total workout time! Insane? YES! Effective?


- 6 sets incline barbell press x 10 reps (Rest 45 seconds)

- 4 sets flat dumbbell press (with internal rotation of the humerus on concentric) x 8 reps (30 seconds rest)

- 3 sets push-ups x 20 reps (inward and downward intention, focus on pushing the ground away from you and together) (20 seconds rest)

Record your workout time from the second you start the first rep to the second you finish the last rep. During your next workout, attempt to finish it faster. For instance, if the workout above took you 25 minutes, try to do it a few minutes faster. Here are the requirements though: A) the tempo stays the same (do not move the weights faster), B) the weights stay the same, and C) reduce the rest periods about 10-15 seconds on every set.

Get ready for the workout of your life!

The chest workout above doesn’t sound like much, and chances are you will get angry with us for making you use such light weights to finish the prescribed reps, but guess what? The goal isn’t to lift heavy weight (at least that’s not the ultimate goal). The goal is to build muscle and these types of workouts will GREATLY improve efficiency and will build the dense lean muscle you’re after.

If you successfully finish the workout faster, pat yourself on the back – you improved your work capacity and it’s only a matter of time before you look bigger. If you didn’t improve, it’s time to re-evaluate your recovery and nutrition.

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