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December 11, 2018
Eating For Muscle Growth

Maintaining optimum nutrition is essential to building a strong, massive physique, yet it is the most neglected element in the average lifter's program. Without super nutrition, all training efforts are a waste of time. Nutrition also has an impact on the efficiency of supplements. The idea is clear; food plays a major role in the acquisition of muscle mass. The first thing we need to do about our nutritional program is get excited about it. Realize that eating better will help us reach our w eight training goals. A person must really be motivated to eat super nutrition or they just won't follow through. If the enthusiasm is not there, you might follow the d iet for a week or two; real gains come by following the d iet for months or even years.

The most important part of that is having the good food you need, when and where you need it. Regular trips to the grocery store are a must.

The sample meal program I have made up here is built around my own schedule. I am home for breakfast, at work all day, and then home for dinner. So as you can imagine, I do not have access to a kitchen at work. Planning is the only way I can get proper meals. What I do is prepare most of my meals at night. While I am sitting around watching the tube or something, I bake about 10 potatoes. I keep them in the refrigerator up to four days. They are great plain and cold. I precook my pasta at night; it holds good for about four days also. I bake four pieces white meat chicken at a time which lasts me a day or two. I find that eating right is quick and easy if I am prepared.

Here is an example of my daily meal schedule:

Breakfast 8:00 AM

Snack 10:30 AM

Lunch Noon

Pre-Workout 4:00 PM

Dinner 7:00 PM

Snack 10:00

This is just an example of my diet which is of course based on my preferences and limits. Like I said, I must take my meals with me to work. I have a cooler which holds all my food.

This diet gets me about 4,500 calories a day; give or take 500. It is about 60% carbs, 20% protein, and 20% f at. I follow this d iet as closely a possible. I drink about 10 cups of water a day, but most of that is between meals. Vitamin supplements are taken after breakfast. Those of you who already eat like this know how much it helps, those who do not, owe it to yourselves to give it a try. What you'll find is that your muscles grow faster than ever. Also your metabolism speeds up making you burn more f at and feet much more energetic. I personally accelerate this rate even further by doing intense aerobic work three times a week. This means difficult 45 minute rides on a stationary bike, in addition to my w eight training. Put it all together, stay with it, and just watch those muscles grow.

Eating for Muscle Growth You will notice that the program has an abundance of nutrient dense food. I am familiar with a number of athletes who consume high calorie d iets and complain that they just get f at. This is because they consume nutrient dilute foods or empty calories. Empty calories serve no purpose in building muscle mass. They are not used efficiently and are more likely to be stored as f at. The high calorie d iet is only effective if it is one which is abundant in nutrients. It is known that most supplements can only exert their positive effects when an ample amount of dietary protein is consumed. It is also a must that carbohydrate intake be high enough that it is the sole source of energy, allowing protein to be used for its primary functions and not energy purposes.

Notice that the d iet incorporates many aspects of an excellent nutritional program. Among those are: adequate intake of nutrients, balance of nutrients, low intake of sugar, f ats and salt, and a variety of food sources. Notice that the d iet also consists of foods that are economical, convenient and very available. They also have outstanding nutritional value. Each person should try to incorporate all of these aspects into their own personal nutrition program.

Evidence has shown that without frequent, nutritious meals, muscular hypertrophy cannot be maximized. There is no doubt that optimum nutrition is essential to superior athletic performance as well as health.

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