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December 11, 2018
New England Fitness Weekend

What is the Fitness Atlantic Championship?

The Fitness Atlantic is a competition and fitness exposition held in the spring, which includes bodybuilding, fitness, fitness model, and swimsuit competitions for natural athletes to participate and receive awards and recognition for their accomplishments of getting into the best shape of their lives.

The production standards are nothing less than spectacular and are designed to make every contestant feel like a star. Broadway stage designers and night club music lighting experts to create a dazzling backdrop of lights, music and staging like no other fitness event you will ever witness and are designed to provide spectators with an unforgettable entertainment experience and make every contestant feel like a star.

Fitness Atlantic Bodybuilding Competition When is the Fitness Atlantic Championship?

The event is held in the spring usually the fourth weekend in April each year. This year the event will be April 28, 2007.

Where is the event held?

The Fitness Atlantic is held in Connecticut at East Haven High School Performing Arts Center which is a beautiful modern school built in 1998 with a large lobby for exhibitors, plenty of free parking, and the best lighting and staging for an event of this kind.

East Haven Performing Arts Center
35 Wheelbarrow Lane
East Haven, CT 06512

Event Hotel Is there a hotel discount?

Holiday Inn
North Haven201 Washington Ave.
North Haven, CT 06473
Tel: 1-203-2394225
Fax: 1-203-2341247

The Hotel location is ideal. The list of amenities include, a full service restaurant and lounge, free continental breakfast, indoor pool, sauna, outdoor deck and bar, charming courtyard, laundry valet service (M-F), exercise room, free parking, exceptional meeting and banquet facilities, and the most comfortable guest accommodations.

The central location is minutes from the arts and culture of Greater New Haven and the CT shoreline, 30 minutes from Hartford, CT., 11/2 hrs from New York City and 2 hrs from Boston.

What is the closest airport if I fly into?

BDL - Bradley International Airport in Hartford County (Windsor Locks, CT) is the closest and most convenient but some people like to fly into New York either JFK or LaGuardia depending if flights are more or less expensive.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel and how far is it?

Bradley is about 40 minutes from New Haven / East Haven so we wouldn't recommend a taxi drive - renting a car at the airport would be recommended.

Natural Bodybuilding Competiton Where can I purchase tickets to the live event?

Tickets Call (203) 395-6196
Fitness Preliminaries 9:00am $20.00
Bodybuilding Pre-Judge 1:00pm $20.00
All Finals 6:00pm $25.00* Reserved Seating

How do I get a booth at the fitness expo?

For "exhibitor details" and for further discussing call Brian Cannone at (203) 395-6196 for a sponsorship proposal in writing.

What are the bodybuilding divisions and weight classes?

We reserve the right to adjust classes based on contestants participating in each division. These classes may be changed at any time depending on the number of participants.

Open Men

1. Bantamweight - Up to 150lbs
2. Lightweight - 150- under 165lbs
3. Welterweight - 165 - under 175lbs
4. Middleweight - 175- under 185lbs
5. Light Heavyweight - 185- under 195lbs
6. Heavyweight - Over 195lbs

Novice Men *(Never placed first in ANY contest)

7. Lightweight - Under 180lbs
8. Heavyweight - Over 180lbs

Fitness Atlantic Bodybuilding Women Bodybuilding

9. Open Class
10. Novice Women Bodybuilding

Masters Men

11. Over 40 years old

Grand Masters Men

12. Over 50 years old

Junior Men

13. 23 Years and Under
14. Fitness America - One Class

Ms Bikini

15. Under 5'-4"
16. Over 5'-4"
17. Ms Bikini Classic 35 Years and Older

Women Figure

18. One Class

*If qualified contestants may compete in two divisions only and not three, crossovers are permitted for an additional fee.

Is the bodybuilding drug tested?

Each bodybuilding contestant must provide a urine sample and to ensure the highest quality of testing. Testing will only be held on Friday before the contest at the host hotel by appointment.

Any contestant that does not provide a sample will be disqualified. Any positive result will be terms of returning all prizes and permanent expulsion from participation in any future event.

What is the difference between Ms. Bikini and Figure?

Bodybuilding show Drug Free

The Ms. Bikini competition is quite simply a beauty contest, but with special emphasis on body shape, condition and overall attractiveness. It includes two competitive rounds. There are no qualifications to compete and the event is open to women worldwide.

There are two Open Divisions - Under 5'4" and Over 5'4". Contestants must be at least 18 years of age. No minors are permitted regardless of parental consent.

Figure is a female physique contest judged by the bodybuilding-judging panel and consists of 4-quarter turns showing muscularity, definition and symmetry. Figure is for women that have a physique in the middle of a bikini contestant and a natural female bodybuilder

Figure Competition Are there required moves in Fitness?

Fitness America Pageant is a celebration of feminine style, beauty and grace - a nationally recognized event that allows women beyond high school and college years to compete for recognition and prizes in dance, aerobics, cheerleading, gymnastics routines and/or other displays of athletic talent.

Fitness Round - 50% of Score

The judges will look for high-energy routines that demonstrate athletic coordination, style, personality and overall performance. Contestants should demonstrate flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, strength, creativity and showmanship. Only the athletic skills that a contestant has experience should be incorporated. Costumes will be judged as well during the Fitness Round, so special attention should be given. No G-string or thong-type costumes may be worn unless athletic apparel or tights are worn underneath, and tennis shoes or athletic shoes must be worn. Props are allowed but must be approved by Pageant officials at least 2 weeks in advance of the performance. Routines must be under two minutes and once begun cannot be repeated. Music must be professionally recorded for maximum performance and audience and judges impression.

Execution and Performance 40%

Routine Creativity 30%

Appearance and Costume 30%

Swimsuit Round - 50% of Score

Judges will analyze body shape, tone, symmetry, complexion, poise, presentation and overall condition. Also, they will be looking for fit, toned, feminine physiques that display proper conditioning. However, the Fitness America Pageant is not a bodybuilding event therefore; extreme physical definition and excessive muscular development will be penalized. Contestants will be judged individually and in group comparisons. G-String or thong type swimsuits are not allowed.

Overall Appearance 40%

Body Condition 30%

Femininity 30%

What is Model competition?

Model America Championships is for attractive women and men from around the world. Contestants must have stunning looks, an athletic body and know how to present themselves in a sexy and marketable manner for the judging panel and live & television audience. Contestants must be in good mental & physical health and at least 18 years of age. There are no prescribed height and/or weight limitations.

There are two divisions - Female Sports Model and Male Sports Model. All contestants will be required to perform a runway style presentation in the following three Competition Rounds. Choice of apparel and shoes is at the complete discretion of the contestant.

Sportswear - Active sports apparel appropriate for athletics; Theme selection welcome.

Swimsuit - Women in two piece style and heels; Men in one color suit (no patterns or logos) and bare feet.

Evening Wear - Night and social lifestyle.

The judging criteria will be scored upon the following considerations:

Physical Appearance - Body shape, complexion, face, hair and smile 40%

Photogenic - Poise, posture and presentation 40%

Apparel - Coordination, fit and proportion 20%

Brian Cannone and Ron Rich Do I need to pre-qualify to compete in the Fitness Atlantic Championship?

You do not have to be qualified to participate in this event. The Fitness Atlantic is an open competition and any athlete can participate as long as they are not using steroids.

Who runs the Fitness Atlantic show?

Brian Cannone is the event producer and runs the event and is responsible for all aspects of Fitness Atlantic and "New England Fitness Weekend" event development, as well as overseeing marketing to the public. Since 1993 Brian has creating and managing fitness events and leading in building attendance, show branding, and exhibitor promotion.

Visit the Event Website

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