How Big Can Your Biceps Get?

by admin on June 18, 2011

by Doberman Dan

Lately there has been much talk of muscle fibers. The greater the amount of fibers within each muscle, then the larger it can get. Or so we have been led to believe. What has not been taken into account is the actual size of each fiber. If you removed a piece of muscle tissue from the thighs of two different people and examine the tissue in the proper medical lab you could see a big difference in the amount of muscle fiber contained in each sample.

Sample A might have 5 times the amount of fibers as sample B, but that does not mean it has five times the potential, because each individual muscle fiber size is different. You might have many smaller muscle fibers per square inch of muscle while I have larger ones. The thing that stays the same is the size of each sample.

Muscle fiber comes in all different sizes and the amount you have is not a limiting factor for large-scale muscular growth. What does limit the size of a muscle potential for growth is muscle length. But it is really not as bad as you might think. Here is a simple test you can do that will give you an idea of how large a muscle can grow through proper training.

Using your own biceps as an example take a measuring tape and measure your biceps length from insertion point to insertion point. Do this with your biceps stretched out and not flexed. Let’s say for example you find your biceps are nine inches long. That means that the width of your biceps has in theory the potential to be nine inches wide. Now picture your biceps nine inches wide. Your arm would start to look like a thigh muscle and not a biceps any more. That is how big a muscle can get.

Obviously no one would want to reach that point because you would no longer be able to even flex your arm.

A muscle’s full potential for size ends when it becomes as wide as it is long. Now picture that same 9-inch long biceps just five inches wide. Even then it would be enormous. Now you have an idea as to how large you can get.

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Michael Pearson June 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Great information Dan, thanks for sharing. Using Lee’s knowledge about building biceps is a sure fire way of getting the growth you desire.


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