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Then welcome to, an information and product resource for genetically average bodybuilders who want to maximize their bodybuilding potential without the use of anabolic steroids. Be sure to register for our free bodybuilding newsletter using the box in the upper right hand corner. If you're a hard gainer and you want to stay natural this site is dedicated to you. Check back often for updated bodybuilding workouts, articles, supplement reviews, and be sure to check out my Blog to stay informed on news and updates. - Doberman Dan

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"New Fat Burner Produces 43% Faster Loss Of Unwanted Body Fat… Without Side Effects!" Landmark scientific trial in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" proves the ingredients in Xenomine can rapidly and dramatically burn off unwanted body fat… without the over-stimulation and side effects of Ephedra.

Introducing Xenomine… A Safe Fat-Burning Supplement That Dramatically Increases Daytime Thermogenesis Without The Side Effects. Read about the fat burning ingredients here.

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