Liver & Yeast for the Bodybuilder

by admin on October 22, 2010

By: Vince Gironda

Vince Gironda Liver and YeastIt should be evident from all the test results that Liver & Yeast is the ideal supplement for the bodybuilder and athlete. No other supplement combines so many vital factors necessary for bodybuilding progress and endurance and stamina for any type athletics.

The number of tablets one should consume per day is an individual thing and varies with what goals the individual has in mind. A small, inactive person who only wants to supplement his diet might suffice with five a day, the amount in the natural energy pack. Anyone reaching out for better than average endurance and energy should take not less than a half-dozen, three times a day. Hard training bodybuilders make fantastic progress when their intake reaches 50 to 75 a day. In fact, some of the world’s top bodybuilder-athletes consume such prodigious amounts it staggers the imagination!

Jack LaLanne, the world’s number one endurance athlete, takes 200 tablets daily! At Jack’s 57th birthday party in 1971, he mentioned that he still has a $5,000 standing offer to anyone who can follow him through a workout. He’s had many men take him up on it, but no one has come close to finishing. Jack attributes much of his endurance and vitality to the large amount of liver and yeast he has consumed for so many years. Incidentally, Jack’s measurements on that date were: chest 47”; waist 27”; arm 17”; and the muscular definition of a man in his twenties!

The daily intake of Liver & Yeast of some of the Mr. American and Mr. Universe winners even surpass that of LaLanne. This is the main reason they are able to build a physique of over 200 pounds and still maintain a tiny waistline. Consumption of concentrated food such as Liver & Yeast will allow the bodybuilder to put enormous quantities of the beneficial elements into his system without all the carbohydrates and calories that would be taken in if he were to try to get all these vital factors from food alone. Therefore the digestive system is not clogged with large amounts of food, which would place a burden on the digestive, assimilative and eliminative systems of the body. This allows the system to utilize its energy on more constructive jobs such as maintenance and repair, and combating stress and fatigue.

If you’re searching for lasting energy and raw-bone power for workouts that produce results, the solution, without the slightest doubt, is LIVER & YEAST!


Most of the B vitamins are found largely in liver and in yeast. All B vitamins work together; this being known as the synergistic action of the B vitamins. Taking of one B vitamin individually increases the need for and creates a deficiency in all the other B vitamins not being taken. This condition is caused by individuals taking isolated B vitamins by themselves such as: B-1, B-2, or B-12; or in taking so-called B-complex tablets.

Nearly all B-complex tablets or capsules are synthetic and are heavy in the easily-obtainable and inexpensive B vitamins and totally deficient (or nearly so) in the expensive and hard-to-obtain B vitamins. This creates a greater deficiency in the latter and brings about the very condition the user tried to prevent, a B vitamin deficiency! So stay away from the so-called “B-complex”. They should be used in only extreme conditions of vitamin therapy and regarded as “medication.”

For all practical purposes, yeast is the cheapest and best source of the B vitamins for a person not under stress. In fact, more nutrients are more concentrated in yeast than in any other known food. The use of yeast along could correct the majority of the world’s problems: the proteinless meals of India and China; the B-vitamin needs in the Orient and the Tropics; the iron starvation of women the world over; and the trace mineral deficiencies of both sexes of all ages of every nationality.

Yeast contains almost no fat, starch, or sugar; its excellent protein sticks to your ribs; satisfies your appetite, increases your basal metabolism, and gives you pep to work off unwanted pounds. If any food could be said to be “reducing,” yeast is that food.

Yeast has been found to contain 17 different vitamins, including all of the B family; 16 amino acids; and 4 minerals, including the “trace” minerals, held to be essential. It also contains 36 per cent protein (sirloin steak, not counting the bone, contains only 23 per cent protein). Yeast contains only 1 per cent fat whereas sirloin steak contains 22 per cent. Naturally, all the different vitamins and minerals are necessary, but especially the vitamins of the B family. The food that gives you the least number of calories with most of the B vitamins is yeast. The more yeast you consume the better you feel, and the more active you become. No more sluggishness and disinclination to move a muscle. With yeast you can regain energy for normal activities and the sheer joy of being alive!

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Charles October 25, 2010 at 5:59 am

This is fascinating. Now while on the liver tablets I do have a brand name that is unanimously accepted (Dessicated liver tables from Beverly), I wonder which type of yiest should one consume ?? Regular supermaket stores sell it as either a refrigerated product or an off-the shelf packet(s) .. Can you please shed some light as well as proper dosage for yiest ?

Thank you in advance for your time
Charles Bovalis


hunting equipment March 16, 2011 at 8:33 am

Do you mind if I quote this in an article I’m writing?


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