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December 11, 2018
Natural Bodybuilding Guru Alan Palmieri

Alan Palmieri has a diverse background. In addition to being a five term mayor he has credentials in the field of business as well as politics. He operates his own business and has held positions in corporate management. At one time the owner operator of a 30,000 square foot gym, one of the largest and best equipped in the southeast. For about two years he operated his own Karate / Self Defense studio. He wrestled professionally for a short while and worked as a bouncer and bodyguard. Over the years he has trained countless individuals and has conducted seminars and lectures on bodybuilding, as well as being the author of several published articles, courses and bodybuilding publications. He has appeared in various magazines and newsletters on bodybuilding and has appeared on TV as well as being interviewed on the radio.

He has personally trained winners of major local and state bodybuilding events, high school and college athletes and teams, professional athletes and entertainers. He has served as a judge for numerous bodybuilding events as well as promoting and holding several bodybuilding contests. He is the past State of Tennessee President of the IFBB and was awarded the prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit.

Alan began his bodybuilding endeavors in the early 60's during what many consider bodybuilding's "Golden Era". Dave Draper was and remains the epitome of what bodybuilding is all about. Back in those days you had so many greats like Scott, Poole, Sipes, Yorton, Zane, Ortiz, Pearl, Howorth, Oliva, the introduction of Schwarzenegger and of course Draper just to name a few. No period in time saw so many greats that stood as inspiration for so many. It was a time when bodybuilders had to work, go to school and sometimes both. It was a simple time with a lot of unity. People did not understand what bodybuilding was all about. Bodybuilders were more misunderstood than understood. Times have changed.

No longer active in bodybuilding, Alan continues to receive requests for information and guidance from people concerning bodybuilding and weightlifting. He has always talked against the use of drugs and steroids in the sport and promoted natural bodybuilding.

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Natural Bodybuilding Expert Dennis B. Weis
"The Yukon Hercules"

Dennis B. Weis is a Ketchikan, Alaska-based power/bodybuilder. He is a hard-hitting, uncompromising freelance professional writer and investigative research consultant in the fields of bodybuilding, nutrition, physiology, and powerlifting.

Dennis was first published over two decades ago (1976) in the pages of Iron Man magazine. Since that time he has become known to almost every mainstream bodybuilding/physique magazine's readership throughout the United States and Europe. The magazines that publish his articles include and are not limited to Bodybuilding Monthly (U.K. publication), Exercise For Men Only, Hardgainer (Nicosia, Cyprus, publication), Iron Man, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Mag Int'l, and Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness.

You have undoubtedly read dozens of his 100+ feature-length articles in many of the popular worldwide magazines -- under his own name and under the names of certain top physique stars and powerlifting personalities.

The credentials of this prolific writer extend beyond the scope of just writing articles, for he is the author of three critically acclaimed best-selling books: Mass! (1986), Raw Muscle (1989), and his newest release, Anabolic Muscle Mass: The Secrets of Anabolic Reinforcement Without Steroids.

In recognition of his writing accomplishments, he has received Meritorious Service Awards relating to all published works as a magazine consultant and published book author. In addition to these honors, he has performed Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks autograph parties and window displays for his books. He has also been a featured guest on various radio talk shows around the country, where he shares his knowledge and experience regarding such issues as bodybuilding and the super-fitness lifestyle.

During the past two decades he has established a small but dynamic one-man business to service male and female bodybuilders, fitness buffs, and powerlifting enthusiasts of all types with very personal (one to one or mail order), and highly professional instruction on all phases of physical excellence.

He has coached literally hundreds of select clients, one of the most notable being a personal training advisor to the 1983 Miss Minnesota winner. One of the training tools he uses as a personal trainer is the revolutionary and famous Samra R.E.S.T. principle.

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Vicious Cycles Steroid DVD

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Vicious Cycles DVD – Dr, Todd Ganci ND has been involved in the fitness industry for the past 25 years. He is a former competitive bodybuilder with 11 titles and currently the trainer of numerous world-class athletes. In this documentary he dicusses his experience with anabolic steroids and the effect they had on him and many others.

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