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by admin on February 5, 2013

By Ben Teal, Certified Metabolic Trainer
Creator of the Metabolic Mayhem System

The summer after my freshman year in college was the first time I seriously attacked bodybuilding.

I was away from all of the chaos of college and back in my small, southern hometown. You can translate that into less beer and cold pizza in my diet.

And there was more time. Earlier in the fall of my freshman year, I had suffered a back injury – I had broken a transverse process in my lower spine (the week I was going to get my first start, no less). Though a relatively minor injury, it did keep me off the field for a few weeks.

I was at Yale University, and while they do recruit football players, the Ivy League doesn’t offer athletic scholarships. So, after a very painful and disappointing season, I decided that I’d rather focus on my education and baseball.

Yeah, I’m a nerd, and I’m dang proud of it!

Yale was the only school I’d considered that didn’t recruit me to play baseball… I was better at baseball than football, but Yale offered the best long term investment in education. Therefore, I had to try out for the team as a ‘walk on.’

So, I set out to get bigger and stronger for tryouts the following fall.

When I got home in the late spring, I was already bigger than I had ever been up until that point. But I was also putting on more fat than I wanted (see the earlier bad joke about beer and cold pizza).

I walked into the local Gold’s Gym and decided to build muscle and lose fat.

Like many of you probably have done, I bought the muscle building rags and followed the plans. And I put on a pretty good bit of muscle. But with it came more fat.

My fat burning plan consisted of cardio. Long, slow, mind-numbing cardio. For 90 minutes a day. On the treadmill or bike. Slow and long.

For years, the mantra in bodybuilding circles has been that long, slow, boring cardio was the best for losing fat while preserving muscle.

And that’s what I did. Needless to say the results weren’t spectacular. And there was no way I could keep that up after heading back to New Haven.

If only I knew then what I know now about Metabolic Mayhem (don’t click that link yet). But more on that in a few paragraphs.

In the years since that summer, the notion that slow, long and miserable was the way to lose fat and spare muscle has been blown out of the water.

Science has shown us repeatedly that higher intensity, shorter duration ‘cardio’ routines are much better for burning through your stored fat while making sure your hard-earned muscle stays intact.

In fact, when you do endurance style training – like 60 to 90 minute cardio sessions, your muscle fibers adapt to this more aerobic form of training.

How? Glad you asked.

By becoming smaller and weaker! Your body is pretty smart at these types of things. It adapts to having to carry itself farther by making itself lighter.

But let’s take it even further. Let’s say you want to build your chest. Would you ever consider doing dumbbell flyes with 10 pounds for 30 consecutive minutes?

Of course not, you know that it’s counterproductive to building muscle. Instead, you work your chest in short bursts, using, say 50 pounds for 8 reps and resting 90 seconds between sets.

Clearly, then, short, intense workouts build your muscles better.

How does that work?

One 2003 study published in Endocrine found that there were significant increases in serum levels of testosterone after strenuous intermittent exercise.

And we all know how that works for building muscle.

Another important finding in that study, however, involved leptin, the key fat burning hormone.

In some subjects, the high intensity intermittent exercise produced increases in leptin as well. Leptin is a hormone that is produced to tell your brain whether your body has sufficient energy stores.

If you don’t feel hungry after intense exercise, a leptin spike is likely the cause.

Increases in leptin have been shown to help people shed unwanted pounds – particularly fat.

Compare that to the traditional long and slow method. In 2005, a study in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology and Applied Human Science found that after strenuous endurance training, subjects testosterone decreased significantly.

Additionally, cortisol levels were significantly elevated (cortisol is a fat storing hormone related to stress). Leptin levels didn’t change.

Long story short?

Short, intense exercise is the best choice for maintaining muscle mass.

Welcome to Metabolic Mayhem.

The fastest way to shed fat, while maintaining muscle mass is by maximizing the metabolic cost of a workout.

You will do this with short – usually 20 minutes or less – workouts that significantly tax your metabolic systems.

You’re going to alternate upper and lower body exercises, and plane of work between horizontal and vertical.

Additionally, for this particular workout, you’re going to use what I call a ‘timed-density’ routine.

You will do a circuit of five exercises as quickly as possible, and repeat them ‘on the 90 seconds.’

So what does that mean? Say it takes you 45 seconds to complete the circuit. You rest for 45 seconds and begin when the clock turns over again. If it takes you 60 seconds, you only get 30 seconds rest.

This ensures your intensity level stays balanced. You can ‘coast’ but your rest time is reduced. Or you can bang out the exercises hard and get maximum rest.

Ready for the workout? Here it goes.

Body-weight Squats x 15
Push Ups x 15
Tuck Jumps x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10 each side
Jumping Jacks x 25

Rest until the next 90 second marker and Repeat.

Keep doing the circuits for 12 to 15 minutes.

These types of workouts are designed to push you metabolism to its limits during the workout. And keep your metabolism humming for up to 38 hours after the workout ends.

By the time I discovered how to create Metabolic Mayhem for insanely fast fat loss in minimum time, it was too late for my budding bodybuilding career…

I had ballooned to over 300 pounds after I ‘retired’ from sports after my senior baseball season.

But because of Metabolic Mayhem, I ditched my fruitless efforts to burn fat with long workouts that took time from the other things that I wanted to do in life.

And now? I’m competing once again. This time in Tough Mudders and Spartan Events.

It has truly turned my life around, and now I’m in the best shape of my life.

To see exactly how to shed maximum fat in minimum time, click here.

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