3 Principles to Ripped Abs WITHOUT Extreme Dieting

by admin on October 30, 2013

By Chris Wilson

Head Strength Coach
Russian Kettlebell Instructor

If you’re like me (and I’m sure you are), you absolutely, undoubtedly, unequivocally, undeniably, emphatically HATE DOING CRUNCHES AND SIT UPS.

Whew…ahhh….I feel much better!  I had to get that out.

There’s been so much information thrown at us for years, decades really, about how to get a 6 pack.  Is it the perfect diet?  Is it doing 500 crunches every day??  Is 5 sets of 100 reps realistic for any normal person???  Are Sit Ups the worst thing in the world for your back?

So many questions and SO MANY different answers.  Well, the answers are super easy but they do involve 3 main components that took me several years to fully understand.

I was the 21 year old in reasonably good shape, about 10% body fat, strong and spending a TON of time in the gym.  Talk about repetitive movements and totally OVERTRAINING.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, not only was I overtraining my chest and biceps like every other 21 year old, I was doing all the wrong ab exercises and completely wasting my “not so valuable” time (compared to today).

I thought that you had to do sets of 25, you had to do more than 100 reps and that doing that every day was a must to ensure a tight, muscular middle.  I have to laugh at myself, but it wasn’t my fault…everybody was doing it!

Fast forward about 15 years (or so) and look where we are with that kind of logic.  Almost everything written or sold (in stores and online) talks about crunches and sit ups in a negative way.  It’s DON’T DO THIS or AVOID THAT MISTAKE.  Talk about a shift in what we thought was the only way to get a shredded 6 pack!

After spending quality time with professionals in the industry and overhauling my approach to training my abdominal area, it’s truly amazing what you can do and GET the RESULTS you want quickly.

I’m not myth busting or anything right now…the verdict has been out for years now.  What I am certain of (and this is not always popular) is that you don’t need super strict diets and 5 magical exercises to get phenomenal abs.

I stick to 3 basic principles (as much as I can) and achieve the same physique I had nearly 20 years ago with MUCH LESS time doing Abs and still enjoying my life (i.e. eating foods that taste good).

  • Ab Workouts shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes 2-3 times per week MAX!
  • Implement NEW movements often and follow a “Progression” to build up your entire core.
  • Focus on time under tension AND fully engaging everything including your quads, glutes, back and abs to create what I like to call, The Pyramid of Strength.

With those key components in place, I’m able to still eat pretty much whatever I want and look almost exactly like I did freshman year in college.  I’m spending minutes working out my abs, not hours.  I’m doing things for time and not so concerned with how many reps I got.  I have a huge variety of movements I continue to rotate in and make them progressively harder over time.

All of my effort and energy is devoted to quality, not quantity.  I’m far more concerned with intense muscle contractions throughout my body with shallow breathing and creating a long, strong spine.

Not only does my lower back thank me constantly, I feel the difference in my other lifts and the bonus…I can have a bowl of ice cream a few nights a week or pizza every Friday.  I can eat bacon, eggs and toast with real butter for breakfast and still have a hard, flat abdomen.  You can’t go off the deep end with it.  Let’s be clear here.  You have to use good judgment but the word “diet” is not in my vocabulary.  I eat what I want, when I want, without concern for losing my muscular midsection.

Yo-yos are fun toys, they don’t make good diets.  Eat consistently well with plenty of cheat meals and maintain a strong, lean, defined 6 pack in your 30s, 40s and beyond by sticking to my 3 principles.  Gain back lost time, wasted energy and watch those abs get more ripped and powerful along the way!

Get Ripped Abs in Just 4 Weeks WITHOUT Doing Crunches

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