Best Ways To Speed Up Your Fat Loss – Part 3

by admin on March 16, 2011

Part 1 and Part 2 of this article by John Romaniello the creator of Final Phase Fat Burning 2.0

5th Way To Speed Up Your Fat Loss

Fix Your Stubborn Hormonal Environment!

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose fat through diet and exercise can tell you that it’s a LOT hard to lose the last 10 pounds than it is to lose the first 10.

At this point, I’ve explained a lot of why fat loss becomes s l o w –especially as down as you get leaner, so you’ll believe me when I say that as extreme as it sounds, for most people, it’s harder to lose the last 5 than it is to lose the first 50.

And the single biggest reason that’s the case is because of the changes that occur in your body as you lose fat—changes which create and perpetuate an environment that makes it exceedingly difficult to FIX slow fat loss.

As you probably guessed from the header, I’m talking about the hormonal implications of FIXING fat loss; however, before we can get into that, we have to go back a bit further.

As you probably know, a lot of the problem is just simple genetics; even if your family isn’t an example of fat loss hardship, it’s important to consider the longer view.

You’re not just contending against your own genes—you’re working against the entire genetic make-up of all of our predecessors. That’s right: all of our ancestors DNA is pretty much stacked against you.

From an evolutionary standpoint, there’s no benefit to being extremely lean. In fact, being “naturally” very lean (that is, having the genetic propensity not to store fat easily) was likely detrimental in the sense that as soon as there was any level of food scarcity, you’d starve and die. Well, since food scarcity was pretty common, those naturally shredded dudes died; probably before they could reproduce and pass on those genes.

People who stored fat efficiently we able to survive longer and live to pass on their efficient fat storage genes—to you. Pretty sweet, right?

I know, this has been covered by a number of diet experts (most notably Joel Marion), so a good bit of the following information may sound familiar.

One of the hormones we talk about with regard to dieting is leptin, also known as the anti-starvation hormone. Leptin directly controls a number of metabolic processes in your body and therefore indirectly controls rate of fat loss.

To put it simply, the more leptin you have, the easier it becomes to FIX slow fat loss.
Now, here’s where it gets gitchy.

Leptin is produced in the fat cells, so the less fat you have, the less leptin you’ll produce; which of course means that you lose fat at a slower rate.

Sticks, right? Oh, Don’t worry—it gets worse.

You’ve lost fat already, which means your baseline levels of leptin are low. And then when you reduce or restrict Calories (as you do when you’re trying to lose the last bit of fat), leptin levels drop even further, s l o w i n g fat loss even more.

One way to manage this is with periodic over-feeding, or Cheat Days—and that’s a great strategy.

The problem is that such strategies often require you to take in massive amounts of carbohydrates (great news if you’re sick of being on a diet), and that effects another hormone called Insulin.

I’m not an endocrinologist, so I can only speak about insulin from the perspective of how it effects physique enhancement. And in that regard, producing large quantities of insulin with cheat days can inhibit losing fat.

Now, I’ll qualify that by saying it doesn’t slow down OVERALL fat loss—just that it makes it harder to lose fat in certain areas.

To explain that, let’s talk a bit more about hormones and FIXING slow fat loss.

When you’ve lost the first 20 or 30 or 50 pounds and are just trying to lose the last few, what you’ve really done is stripped away the first layer—the “easy fat,” if you will—and now your body looks pretty different.

What you’ll see is that instead of holding fat in a fairly even distribution of layers over your entire body, you’re holding fat in your “trouble areas.”

That is, the LAST places you lose fat are the areas that have always been a problem for you—and when you’re trying to lose the last few pounds, it is specifically in those areas that fat will be held.

The reason you’re holding fat in those area—and the reason you have to FIX slow fat loss in order to even

TOUCH that fat (and will lose it from there last)—is largely hormonal

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the entire process of losing the last few pounds is largely hormonal. As we study this more in the industry, we see certain hormonally-directed fat storage patterns.

As an example, if you store fat primarily in the love handles and lower back, then chances are you’re highly insulin resistant. I am actually a victim of fat storage, so I’ll speak about this from experience.

Being insulin resistant essentially means that my body doesn’t manage insulin in the most efficient way. Truth be told, my body is pretty lousy at it, and I store nearly all of my fat in my love handles and lower back.

This complicates things because it means I have to work very diligently on using training programs that increase insulin sensitivity through eliciting the production of other hormones. On top of that, I have to make sure these programs are good at burning fat.

Problem is, there aren’t many; so I went ahead and designed my own.

If that wasn’t enough, I need to be very careful with cheat days and strategic overfeeding as try to rid myself of the last few pounds, so as not to mess with insulin levels.

And that’s just insulin!

Of course, there are other problem areas that are the result of other troublesome hormones.

For example, if you’re holding a lot of belly fat, that’s very indicative of high Cortisol.

You’ve probably heard Cortisol referred to as a “stress hormone” and that high levels are often associated with fatigue and lack of sleep. While that is true, please trust me when I say that you cannot sleep away the last 15 pounds—seriously, I’ve tried it.

As another example, consider estrogen.

The hormone responsible for Mother Nature’s Greatest Hits (including menstruation and the Lifetime channel) is also a culprit in regional fat storage. If you’re carrying the preponderance of your body fat in your lower body, that’s estrogen related fat-storage.

This is most common in women, of course, but men are not immune. Men with high estrogen levels not only store fat in the lower body, but also tend to store it in the chest as well—and man-boobs don’t look good on anybody.

As those examples illustrate, if FIXING slow fat loss wasn’t already a hard enough task, the hormonal issues can make it exponentially harder.

When you’re training to FIX slow fat loss, you must take into account your hormonal needs and structure training accordingly, from the perspective of both the programming and the program.

The training protocols need to be exceptional for fat loss in the general sense, but also elicit certain hormonal responses that will help lose fat overall and address the issues I touched on earlier.

As an example, if you have high estrogen, you would benefit from utilizing heavy training. Lifting near maximal weights triggers the release of high amounts of IGF-1, testosterone, and Mechano Growth Factor—all of which positively affect body composition in the general sense, and more specifically estrogen-related fat storage.

All told, if you want to FIX slow fat loss, you need to go beyond traditional methods and take a look at what your hormones—through your body—are telling you.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Ways To Speed Up Your Fat Loss

There you have it. The five biggest reasons fat loss slows down or stops completely and how to address each of those problems and finally FIX slow fat loss.

Whether it’s been a problem with lousy programming or a stagnant program, incorrect cardio methods or Calorie formulas, or dealing with hormonal fat storage, you can now take steps to correct each issue begin to

FIX slow fat loss.

Thanks again for downloading this report, and I truly hope you’ve learned something here. In fact, I know you have.

As I said earlier, I know a lot of this information is new, and some seems like new versions of something old, but don’t discount anything here. All of this is real, powerful and actionable.

By taking the information in this report and incorporating it into your training as early as tomorrow, you’ll being to see results again, and get closer to the body you’ve always wanted—the body you can only get if you FIX slow fat loss.

Thanks again for reading, and good luck.

Hopefully you decide to give my Final Phase Fat Loss Program an honest try and I look forward to having you as a client,


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