Super Hero Fat Loss Review

by admin on July 19, 2012

John Romaniello is a well-known fitness author, expert and founder of Roman Fitness Systems. Based in New York City, he has worked with clients of all kinds and is regarded as one of the top body transformation specialists in the fitness industry. For his latest effort—Super Hero Fat Loss—John teamed up with fellow training legend Matt Mcgorry. Matt got his start in the gym at the tender age of 14 and since then, he’s never looked back. He studied at Emerson College in Boston and like John, has been featured in some of the top fitness magazines in the country.

In teaming up to design the Super Hero Fat Loss program the guys combine their vast storehouse of knowledge and experience to develop a fat loss approach that is designed to help anybody “build a body that can fight crime, thwart evil, and burn fat with super human speed.” The program is designed for both men and women who have ever been inspired by super heroes and have a burning desire to ramp up their body’s fat burning capabilities to super hero levels.

Both versions of the program—the one for men and the one for women—are divided into three phases: Super Powered Fat Loss, Super Speed Fat Loss, and Super Hero Fat Loss. The program includes the main training manual, training log sheets, supplementation guide, a quick start check list and access to an extensive video exercise database. Let’s take a closer look at the program and see what it’s all about.

Super Hero Fat Loss is a 10-week program that is very simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to follow. Phase one lasts for four weeks, with the other two each lasting for three weeks. The workouts are simple and designed to kick the metabolism into fat-burning high gear. Exercise descriptions are not included in the text of the book but there is a link to streaming videos that are a good reference and show you the proper movement for each exercise. Because the goal of this program is to burn fat, you’ll see that most of the exercises are performed with lower weights/higher repetitions.

Phase One (Super Powered Fat Loss) includes four workouts. Two of the workouts are complexes and the other two include full-body, lower- and upper-body strength and a lower- and upper-body metabolic circuit. The number of reps to be performed ranges from a low of 6 up to a high of 15, depending on the workout.  For the most part, exercises are performed relatively quickly, with little or no rest between sets. Brief rest periods are allowed as you move through the various components of each workout. Phase one exercises include dumbbell incline press, military press, jump squat, hanging leg raise and others.

Phase two (Super Speed Fat Loss) includes five different workout routines. Each of these is density training routine performed at high speed—just 18 minutes for part A and 12 minutes for part B. The goal here is to not rest between sets or between exercises. In fact, the only ‘official’ rest period is four minutes between part A and part B. Obviously, with that kind of speed and no rest between sets or exercises you will not want to use heavy weights. Exercises include deadlifts, lunges, bent-over rows, upright rows, burpees and similar movements.

Phase three (Super Hero Fat Loss) includes three workouts. The first one is a total body fat loss routine, the second is an advanced density training routine and the third is a power/density hybrid workout. Again, like the previous phases, these workouts are primarily focused on higher reps performed with lower weights and little or no rest between sets. Exercises include pull-ups, box jumps, alternating include dumbbell incline press, push-ups and others.

During phases one and two, workouts are performed three days a week—Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. During the first week of phase three you move up to a four-day schedule, followed by a three-day schedule in week two and then wrapping up with another four-day schedule in week three. As you move through the weeks you basically rotate through each consecutive workout routine in order.

None of the Super Hero Fat Loss program exercises are particularly complicated but it’s nice that you have the videos so you can be sure to get it right. There is also a good selection of exercises to choose from so you won’t have to worry about getting bored. And for you true comic book fans, the guys even included a few super hero-themed workouts.

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