The Real Thor Workout

by admin on October 23, 2011

The fitness industry is full of fads that make it hard for guys build a lot of muscle, really fast. Especially on a hormonal level.

Oddly enough, there’s something we can learn from the movie Thor about building a warrior’s physique. And I’m not talking about the lead actor’s awesome transformation either.

Let’s say for a second that Thor was an actual human being…

What Would Thor Do?

Well, the real Thor eats a lot. He’s not concerned with fat content. He doesn’t scrape the skin off his chicken, nor does he cut the fat from around his steak.

He sleeps a lot too. He doesn’t have an alarm, and he loves to nap.

His training includes a lot of heavy lifting, and a lot of hard work. He’s preparing to kill, and to avoid being killed – need more motivation than that?

What Does He Get?

He’s huge. He has a ton of muscle, he gets the ladies, he drinks his beer, and he thoroughly enjoys life.

How many of us can say that we thoroughly enjoy life when we’re following an uber strict muscle-building plan? One filled with bland foods that we don’t want to eat, and are actually diminishing levels of testosterone in our bodies.

What can we take from this?

For one, fat isn’t bad.

When we think about building muscle, we’re told to eat lean proteins and lot’s of whole carbohydrates. Fats are seen as a “no-no” whether you’re after fat loss or lean gains.

What effect does this have on our hormones? Well, saturated fats help increase testosterone levels in men, especially when consumed upon rising or before bed. We need fat.

It’s primarily when they’re paired with a carbohydrate that’s higher on the glycemic index that we store fat for future use. Fat itself isn’t bad for us; rather, we need it. We just need to consume it the right way and at the right time.

The higher our testosterone levels are, the faster we recover, and the more muscle we are going to build. What’s funny is that higher natural testosterone levels also result in the release of pretty powerful pheromones. Which means women are going to be attracted to us without really knowing why, and in ways that they have no explanation for. I’m not complaining about that.

Sleep also helps us hormonally as well. Naps result in the release of human growth hormone, which really aids in the recovery process. A nap after a workout is great for the body.

Heavy lower body exercises like squats and deadlifts (done at 6 or lower reps) result in, again, the release of testosterone and growth hormones. This results in more muscle gains for the entire body, not just our legs and hips.

How to Build Muscle, The Manly Way

I say the manly way because testosterone is ‘the man hormone’. Most of us think you need to take dangerous drugs to increase our levels of this powerful hormone, but this simply isn’t true.

In this ebook and free program you’re given a meal guide that will show you how to eat in a way that tastes great, is healthy, and will help you increase levels of this very powerful hormone.

You’re also given a very unique program that combines heavier lifts, with warrior-like training that will help you build slabs of ripped muscle. The way the sets are set up also help us increase testosterone and human growth hormone levels.

So here’s “The Real Thor Workout: How to Build Muscle The Manly Way”,
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