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December 11, 2018
Watch Your Sex Drive
By Doberman Dan

Just like any machine, the human body has its limits. Ask too much from it and it will break down.

This is what most bodybuilders do. They ask too much from their bodies and try to compensate for it by consuming massive amounts of calories.

As stated earlier, each one of us has different requirements but also equally important is the fact that the human body can only produce so much extra beyond what it needs for normal function and regular daily activities.

Once you start making extra demands upon the body, as in working out, you begin to ask the body to do something it really does not want to do. The body likes to maintain a normal state of energy expenditure. It sees any large-scale demands for more energy as a threat.

Why? Because the body only has so much energy in reserve and it can only produce so much extra before it is depleted.

Once this happens the body will actually start to break down muscle tissue trying to produce the energy necessary to meet the demand. If this state is continued for too long the body will eat itself to death from the inside out, resulting in death.

Obviously no one overtrains to the point of death, but a less severe form of a catabolic state does exist in all bodybuilders who overtrain. (And I've found that most bodybuilders overtrain.) This state is called a neutral catabolic state.

Watch Your Sex Drive The neutral catabolic state is when the body recovers from the physical demands placed on it but does not have any energy left for growth. You are in a state of not going forward or backward in your training. You are not getting any stronger or bigger and you are not getting any weaker or smaller. You are stuck!

Ideally you want to be in what is called an anabolic state. An anabolic state is when your body is meeting the extra physical demands (weight training) placed upon it and still has enough energy left over to facilitate growth. You will know when you are in a true anabolic state when you are making rapid progress from your training.

Because weight training does affect the various hormones of the body, you can feel the difference both physically and sexually when you are in an anabolic state. In fact one of the best ways to determine how anabolic you are is by monitoring your sexual desire.

Proper bodybuilding workouts will actually boost your body's production of testosterone. Testosterone is a sex hormone and greatly influences your sex drive. Improper weight training lowers the level of this hormone in your blood, resulting in a reduction in your sexual desire.

Use your sex drive as a monitor to tell you when you are really overdoing it... and most people are.

Some people get too addicted to training and refuse to listen to what their bodies are saying. When sex loses its appeal send up the red flag because something is wrong!

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