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December 11, 2018
Increases fat loss and helps curb your appetite, too...
New Fat Burner Produces 43% Faster Loss Of Unwanted Body Fat… Without Side Effects!"
Landmark scientific trial in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" proves the ingredients in Xenomine can rapidly and dramatically burn off unwanted body fat... without the over-stimulation and side effects of Ephedra.
Dear Friend,

You've spent hours in the gym handling heavier and heavier weights.

You've gotten stronger and packed on a lot of muscle.

But you still don't have the look of a bodybuilder!


To get that "head-turning" look, you not only have to have some muscle mass... but you also have to be "cut". For 99% of bodybuilders that means you need to get your body fat levels lower.

And there's no way around it... if you want to get cut, you gotta make some changes in your diet.

In addition to a proven nutrition plan to help you maintain muscle mass while losing body fat, there are a few secrets to help you speed up your fat loss.

"Thermogenesis" is the term to describe when your body temperature rises slightly and uses more body fat for energy.

Ephedra has been a popular compound for fat loss because it increases thermogenesis.

But Ephedra is not without risks. Some people feel jittery and "over stimulated" while taking Ephedra. Plus, people with heart conditions can actually suffer heart palpitations if they take too much Ephedra.

And most importantly, the FDA has made sales of Ephedra illegal.

So where do you turn for a safe and effective alternative to Ephedra... without side effects?

Introducing Xenomine... A Safe Fat-Burning
Supplement That Dramatically Increases Daytime
Thermogenesis Without The Side Effects Of Ephedra.
The formula in Xenomine has been proven in a landmark scientific study to increase fat oxidation and stimulate thermogenesis up to 43% faster!

In fact, Xenomine allows your body to selectively burn fat while sparing your hard-earned lean muscle mass.

But what makes Xenomine truly revolutionary is its ability to increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis without the associated increase in heart rate. No other thermogenic agent in the world has this unique ability!

So if you're sensitive to the over stimulation of Ephedra but want a product that burns off body fat, Xenomine is your answer.

Xenomine uses what doctors and scientists call a "synergistic combination of ingredients." This means all the ingredients work together much more quickly and effectively than they could on their own.

In fact, those synergistic compounds can triple or quadruple the stimulation of thermogenesis.

How Can Xenomine Help Me Lose Body Fat?
Speeds metabolism up to 43% faster to assist your body in burning off body fat hour-by-hour.
Users report an almost immediate increase in energy.
Helps carbohydrates to be burned as energy rather than stored as body fat.
Increased mental clarity and focus, without feeling over stimulated or jittery.
Significantly increases thermogenesis so you burn stored body fat calories for energy.
Suppresses appetite. You won't suffer those frequent hunger pangs while dieting!
Preserves muscle tissue so you can be sure the weight you are losing is unwanted body fat.
If you're finally ready to shed that unwanted body fat, Xenomine (combined with a proper fat loss diet and training program) can help you get that ripped "head-turning" look much faster.

One bottle of Xenomine (a two-month supply of 120 capsules) normally retails for $79.95.

But you can order Xenomine now... exclusively from for only $59.95 per bottle.

And when you order two or more bottles of Xenomine, I'll throw in my special report, "Extreme Fat Loss Secrets"... A $19.95 value... FREE!
The "Extreme Fat Loss Secrets" report gives you a day-by-day plan to make sure you are burning the maximum amount of body fat humanly possible... while retaining every single ounce of your hard-earned muscle mass.
Order online below via our secure shopping cart system.

As soon as you do that, we'll ship you the most cutting-edge fat-burning supplement and bodybuilding program available to get ripped... as quickly as possible.


" Doberman" Dan Gallapoo

P.S. Remember, the special price of $59.95 per bottle (a savings of $20.00 off the regular price) is only good when you place your order for Xenomine through our website or toll free number.

And don't forget... when you order two or more bottles of Xenomine, I'll throw in my special report, "Extreme Fat Loss Secrets". This report (a $19.95 value) gives you a day-by-day plan to make sure you are burning the maximum amount of body fat humanly possible... while retaining every single ounce of your hard-earned muscle mass.

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